Research Areas

Healthcare Systems Security & Safety

Signal injection attacks on safety-critical medical devices
We study the reliability of medical devices from a security and safety perspective. In our research we demonstrate that adversaries could remotely manipulate sensor measurements of critical health devices (e.g., infant incubator, vaccine cold chain) using various types of signal injection. We then propose several defenses strategies to mitigate the vulnerabilities.
Safe wireless sensor technology for decontamination process verification
Global shortages of disposable masks have led to the emergency construction of various decontamination systems for the reuse of disposable masks worn by healthcare workers. This research project has tackled the urgent need for the deployment of highly scalable, safe, and trustworthy sensor network technology for monitoring and validation of mask decontamination treatments.

Autonomous Systems Security

Physical attacks on autonomous vehicles perception
By studying autonomous systems' susceptibility to various physical attacks and proposing corresponding mitigations, we study methodologies to ensure the safety and security of passengers in next-generation autonomous transportation systems.

IoT Security & Privacy

Sensors can perceive more than what they have been designed for. This can cause security and privacy issues in IoT and smart home devices that use speech recognition and correlated machine learning algorithms.
Innovative Authentication Systems
Physical signals can be used to enhance authentication procedures for new generation IoT devices and AR/VR systems. Our laboratory investigates innovative solutions to improve security and access control.

Hardware Security

Hardrive & Operating System security
In this project we investigate the residency of hard disk drives and operating systems under strong audible and inaudible sounds.
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