Relevant Pubblications

Relevant Projects in Industry

Firmware developer • Oct 2016 — Jun 2017

Embedded software and firmware development for new generation LTE platform using on cell towers. Developing and testing C API and application programs in Yocto Linux distributions for ARM architecture.

Software developer • Oct 2015 — Sept 2016

Embedded software development for EUCLID spacecraft Command and Data Handling (C&DH), system and orbit control. Developing and testing C code MISRA compliant using IBM Rational Rhapsody, LogicScope and Cantata tools.

Model Based Design Engineer • Feb 2015 — Sept 2015

Model Based Design software developer for Automotive Systems (HMI car dashboards). Developing and tested Simulink/StateFlow models using Mathworks dSpace Target Link


    “Detection device of molecular compounds based on Surface Plasmon Resonance” by Rampazzi Sara, Danese Giovanni, Fornasari Lucia, Leporati Francesco, Marabelli Franco, Nazzicari Nelson, Valsesia Andrea. European patent N° IT2013MI01345 20130806. Priority 2013. Issued 2015.


Postdoc • Nov 2013 — Jan 2015

Research on embedded systems for Surface Plasmon Resonance Lab-On-Chip biosensors for analytes detection on liquid samples. Research on high performance computing for images elaboration, in particular for classification of hyperspectral images using Support Vector Machines.

Visiting researcher • May 2014 — Aug 2014

Researcher on Support Vector Machine (SVM) for Hyperspectral Images classification.

Phd in Electronics, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering • Nov 2010 — Nov 2013

Research on embedded instrumentations for Lab-on-Chip biosensors.

MD and BD on Computer Science Engineering • Nov 2004 — Nov 2010

Teaching Experience

C coding - Instructor of record.

Department of Mathematics, University of Pavia, 2013 - 2014

Ansi C Program language syntax and static and runtime semantics.

Introduction to Computer Systems II - Instructor of record.

Computer Science Engineering, University of Pavia, 2010 - 2012

Introduction to web programming, HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT language syntax and examples of application.

Introduction to Computer Systems - Teaching Assistant.

Computer Science Engineering, University of Pavia, 2007-2010

Ansi C Program language syntax and semantics.

Industrial Experience

Embedded System Developer • Oct 2016 — Jun 2017

Firmware and software developer for smart antenna based wireless network

Software Engineer Consultant • Feb 2015 — Sept 2016

Embedded software developer for the spacecraft Command and Data Handling (C&DH) system. Model-based design engineer for HMI (Human-Machine Interface) in automotive cluster area.

Service to Profession

IEEE Student Branch Computer Science Area Advisor for University of Pavia

Volunteer • 2011 — 2014

Introducing computer science engineering undergraduate students to research and encouraging them to meet and share their ideas in their areas of interest and future profession.